Enluminure (détail), Le Livre des oeuvres divines, Hildegard von Bingen

Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum

Our dream is to play – by heart – the entire body of Hildegard Von Bingen’s musical work, adapted and reinvented for voice and bandura. To exhibit the live music, as one might exhibit a manuscript or retable, thus in extenso, the duration of the playing of the 69 known pieces of the Celestial Harmonies. To accompany this music with a visual art work which would be immaterial, digital or luminous, the manifestation of the sculptural and visionary dimension of the performance, transforming it into a total event (visual, musical, choreographic).


Hildegard Von Bingen’s work seems both distant and legendary. Indissociable from the mental and perceptual universe of her time (the 12th century in the Rhine region), it evokes a vanished world, at once magical and inaccessible… At the same time, Hildegard is one of the rare women whose name has lived on through the centuries, as part of a history mostly written by men. Today her works on natural medicine have become bestsellers and her music is known by music lovers.

The coherence and force of her musical work, the enigmas that her life and era present to our contemporary world, the aura that surrounds her personality, all inspire us to imagine a piece at the crossroads of performance, exhibition, music and dance.




Conception and performance: François Chaignaud et Marie-Pierre Brébant
Singing and dancing: François Chaignaud

Bandura and musical adaptation: Marie-Pierre Brébant

Scenography and digital creation: ongoing

Technical manager: Anthony Merlaud

Costumes: Mareunrol’s

Administration/production: Barbara Coffy, Jeanne Lefèvre, Céline Peychet, Clémentine Rougier

Diffusion: Sarah de Ganck/Art Happens




CN D Centre National de la Danse de Pantin, BoCA (Biennale of Contemporary Art – Porto, Portugal), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bonlieu – Scène Nationale Annecy, DeSingel – Anvers, Pact Zolverein – Essen, les Subsistances – Lyon.



Villa Noailles (Hyères), CND Centre National de la Danse de Pantin (residency), La Métive – lieu international de résidence de création artistique (residency), FRAC Besançon (residency).



Lucie Jolivet, Lyubomyr Shevchuk