”Ms. Bengolea, from Argentina, and Mr. Chaignaud, from France, have been working together since 2005. They are an inimitable pair, pinpointing an exhilarating place where fear meets bravery. […] “Pâquerette” is hardly erotic; it’s more about sexual politics and levels of sensation. Ms. Bengolea and Mr. Chaignaud know how to get a viewer’s attention, yet their cheeky style of shock shakes you up in the best sense. You walk through the world a little more aware of what it means to be alive. The metamorphosis, it seems, works two ways.”

Gia Kourlas – The New York Times

Conception, performance Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud
Administration/production Matthieu Banvillet
Tour planning Sarah de Ganck/ART HAPPENS



La Générale (Paris), Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (Angers), La Malterie (Lille), les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, La Ménagerie de verre (Paris)