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ONENESS – Party Animal

Dancehall is a spiritual culture, a music genre, a street dance community and a lifestyle. Originated in Jamaica by the 1970’s, as a variant of Reggae. After five years of collaboration between Damion BG Dancerz, Craig Black Eagle and Cecilia Bengolea, they all would like to invite you to a participatory performance, in the form of a Party.


              Party Animal is a song by jamaican artist Charly Black, who calls a girl a “party animal”. This is what we all dancers become when we reach Kingston Jamaïca, and are invited by local dancers to join their monday to monday infinite rave street parties and sound systems. The vibration of the soundsystems, song lyrics and riddims create unity. All dancehall dancers we share a multi author language.

Dancehall steps are created in Jamaïca and now since the past ten years have become global. Jamaïcan dancers welcome foreigners to dance dancehall. In this ONENESS – Party Animal performance by Damion BG Dancerz, Craig Black Eagle and Cecilia Bengolea we would like to invite you to see their latest choreographies and new steps and also to join to dance with them and with D.J. Master Will.


Cecilia Bengolea together with Sam Twidale have created a software to mix various of her videos live. With a system of algorythms, four hours of rushes Bengolea shot during the past 5 years in Jamaïca, the videos respond to parametres of music and movement, to mix themselves live as if there was a Djay playing.

Conception  Cecilia Bengolea, Damion BG Dancerz et Craig Black Eagle

Performers Cecilia Bengolea, Craig Black Eagle, Damion BG Dancerz

D.J. DJ Master Will

Videos Infinite mix de Cecilia Bengolea et Black Eagle


Administration – production Chloé Schmidt, Jeanne Lefèvre, Clémentine Rougier

Diffusion Sarah de Ganck/ART HAPPENS