© Pawel Ptak

Insect Twilight

Let’s resemble the supple bamboo, rather than the rigid tree trunk.

Rigidity and hardness, proper to death;

Suppleness and fragility, proper to life.

(Zen proverb)


For this piece, we create a micro-ecosystem made of artificial nature.

In response to the infection of our environment and our own detachment from nature, we aim -not without a certain melancholy- to create a small world of fictive nature. A fantastic wetland inhabited by insects. The musical backdrop for this scenery will be driven and inspired by Cumbia music.

Cumbia is a synthetic music style originated in the polluted suburbs of Buenos Aires. It has melodic and instrumental influences from folkloric music by natives of the north of Argentina.

We will carefully construct these fantastic and hybrid insect bodies with antennas, long limbs, transparent wings and shells, in order to pay tribute to nature we love.

What adaptations did insects develop to overcome the impact of human behavior and keep the ecosystem in balance?

Like the Insect portraits by Jean-Henri Fabre, who was able of humanizing the world of insects in his fables, we will sing the praises of the short and extremely fragile lives of these beings who are our ancestors in this world. Insects exist on the earth for over 300 million years and have developed all sorts of systems of survival and adaptations in order to withstand Human’s aggressions. Without them, the balance of the ecosystem would be destroyed.

In his quest for domination and mastery over nature, Man has only perpetrated its destruction. With this creation, we hope to make the public aware that there are many other species who call this planet their home.

As a group of women from diverse cultural backgrounds, we aim to reflect within that on complex but crucial themes such as nature, destruction and beauty. We want to challenge the audience to join our tour de force into a world of nature that meets fiction.


Conception: Cecilia Bengolea & Florentina Holzinger

Performers: Cecilia Bengolea, Florentina Holzinger, Erika Miyauchi + 1 female dancer

Technical director: Dominique Palabaud


Costumes design: Coco Petitpierre
Costumes realisation: Anne Tesson
Trainee: Aliénor Figueiredo


Administration & Production: Barbara Coffy, Jeanne Lefèvre, Clémentine Rougier

Tour planning: Sarah de Ganck – Art Happens


COPRODUCTION (work in progress)

Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy (France), deSingel Antwerp (Belgium), Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (Netherlands), ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna (Austria), Tandem Scène nationale Arras-Douai (France)