Recital — Fondation Louis Vuitton

“Amidst the immensity of the Shchukin exhibition on display at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, inspiring visitors to meander and explore the art and languages presented therein, our objective was create a haven, a salon, a dream-like interior, surrounded by the impressive Matisse ensemble gathered there.


“Recreating the setting of the salon recital, an event that played a major role in the advent of the 20th century’s choreographic contemporaneousness, we present a collection of short pieces that unfold in the disconcerting intimacy of this domestic theatre.


“Like the salon performances that forged a coexistence between languages and forms of expression – vocal, musical, choreographic and poetic –, we have created a heterogeneous recital during which historic musical and choreographic works by Isadora Duncan, Claude Debussy , and Nijinsky resonate with the contemporary notions inspired by the impression left by this artistic moment.


“This miniature recital is a revelation of the reality and strangeness of these bodies and voices which, in the first third of the 20th century – frightened and fascinated by a world plagued by new metamorphoses –, dreamed of recapturing an intensity of their own. This paradoxical dream, torn between the nostalgia of a vanished world, the illusion of returning to a state of fantasised nature, and a passion for travel, is a chance for a body, weakened by melancholy and modern life, to affirm its sensual and sexual power.”



François Chaignaud


Choreography and performance François Chaignaud

Piano Adriano Spampanato